Chalkboard Label Baskets

A ton of people have been asking me about ways in which they can organize certain items or knick-nacks that they have laying around their homes.  So! Why not make the first post of 2013 one that is dedicated to helping you get organized in the new year!?

Chalkboard Label Baskets!

This simple project will take you no time to complete, but will add a new look to your storage!

Best part about this project? All of the materials needed for the labels cost me less than $5!

What You'll Need:

Chalkboard Paint
Wooden Labels
Glue Gun
Chalk/Chalkboard Pen
(All of these products can be found at your local Michael's Crafts Store!)

The Steps:

1. Paint your labels with your chalkboard paint. Depending on the type of paint you use, you may need to use more coats than others.

2. Hot glue your dry labels to your baskets.

3. Label your baskets according to what you will be using them for!

So simple, right!?

Fun Tips:

Don't be afraid to use baskets to label things such as genres of DVDs or Music to make organization easier for you.
You can change your labels at anytime without having to get new baskets!

Baskets come in every size and color and are a great alternative to plastic containers if you are looking to add some flaire to your home's organization!


  1. Fun! I did this with mason jars to label them as makeup brush holders (face, eyes, etc.) Chalkboard paint is so fun! Great idea :)
    <3, Mel

    1. Thank you! So funny! I have a mason jar/chalkboard paint tutorial on my blog from back in the summer! I love chalkboard paint too! xo

  2. Lovely DIY!

    Please help me decide what charity I should fund for next! Checkout my latest post!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

    1. Thanks! Heading to your page now!

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