DIY Twine Wrapped Letters

I don't know why, but I am just obsessed with twine! Twine wrapped items are perfect for weddings, parties, and even home decor! This time I decided to make some twine wrapped letters and hang them in my crafting closet for some inspiration! It was so easy and only cost me about $2 per letter!

What You'll Need:

Twine ($1 at my local dollar store)
Wooden Letters ($1.50-$2 at Michael's Crafts)
Glue Gun/Glue Sticks

The Steps:

1. Use your glue gun to apply glue to the back of your letters, to start off the process. 

2. Apply twine and begin to wrap them around the letter. Make sure to glue as you go!

3. For letters with gaps or strange angles, make sure to cut piece of twine as you go, rather than using the entire spool.  This way, you can get the twine into smaller areas and angles.

 4. Continue wrapping and gluing twine your letters until the entire letter is covered

5. For any letters that have some twine out of place, you can always go back and re-wrap those sections to add more layers and patterns!

The Final Result:

Fun Tips:

Use your letters to decorate your home, or place them on tables and chairs at your next big event.

There are so many things you can wrap with twine to add a touch of TLC! Find your next big twine project and make sure you share it with me!


  1. These came out great!

    Eileen |

  2. You don't have to purchase the wood if you cut them out of mat board or something along those lines....

    1. That's an idea! Didn't think of that. I like it... I'll have to make my own letters one day. Thanks!

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